Filtered mask Kn95 closed 10 – ronhanFiltered mask Kn95 closed 10 - ronhan
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Filtered mask Kn95 closed 10 – ronhanFiltered mask Kn95 closed 10 - ronhan

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  • Filter: Yes
  • Suitable for dealing with corona
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Product Description


Filtered mask Kn95 closed 10 – ronhan

Filter mask features
The overall structure of this group of masks consists of several layers of undamaged fabric stacked on top of each other. Usually one of the middle layers of the mask is the filter layer, which has the ability to prevent the passage of dust particles, air pollution and suspended particles contaminated with bacteria and viruses.

Some types of filter masks also have a valve on one side that helps the air out of the mask easily when exhaled. It is recommended that people with respiratory problems make sure that there is a valve on the filter mask when buying it.

Uses of filtered masks
Prevent contamination of the environment by the person
Prevent infection of the person by pathogens
Reduce air pollution damage
Medical personnel
Frequently Asked Questions about Filtered Masks
When should we use a mask to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases?

In general, we should use a mask whenever we are in a crowd. Especially when it is not possible to observe social distance due to the existing conditions. In general, it is recommended to use a mask whenever it is not possible to observe a distance of about two meters from others (especially in closed spaces and places that do not have proper ventilation).

Filtered mask is one of the types of breathing masks that provides better protection than three-layer surgical masks. The filtered mask usually covers the nose and mouth of the user and is placed in the place of use through 2 or 4 bandages. When buying a filter mask, we must make sure that the mask must be made of non-woven fibers.

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Product Specifications


0.75 g

Packaging dimensions

90 × 17 cm

Other Details

Pack of 10 masks

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