Gorji Golden Nimchasht Biscuit 720 gr – Super TehranGorji Golden Nimchasht Biscuit 720 gr
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Gorji Golden Nimchasht Biscuit 720 gr – Super TehranGorji Golden Nimchasht Biscuit 720 gr

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نقد و بررسی اجمالی

“Georgian” company entered the field of food production in 1340 AH and its factory was located in Robat Karim, which at that time was a different area from today’s industrial city. Georgia with a history of more than 50 years is one of the oldest and most memorable Iranian brands. The product that Georgia became famous for was “Biscuits”.

Georgian biscuits were popular among children and adults, and Georgian Zoo Biscuits were one of the company’s innovations to attract children, and we all remember the Georgian Zoo Biscuits that surprised children with their funny animals. In addition to biscuits, Georgia produces and sells a variety of wafers, crackers, cookies and chocolates, and has recently tried to maintain its position by producing new flavors and shapes from these products.

Georgian golden half biscuit with eggs is prepared. There are many biscuits in this biscuit package that can be used by everyone at home or at work. The taste of this biscuit is just like the old biscuits and it sticks with a lot of tea.
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Gorji Golden Nimchasht Biscuit 720 gr – Super Tehran

The distance from breakfast to lunch or lunch to dinner is long and you will definitely get hungry at this time. Biscuits and wafers are high-energy, delicious snacks that most of us love and can be paired with tea, milk and cocoa milk. Biscuits are crunchy and filling, and many people like to put it in tea and then taste it. There are many types of biscuits, from their shape, color and design to their taste; Some biscuits are simple and some are creamy. Wafers are crispier and more brittle than biscuits and usually do not have a special taste and are flavored with fruit or chocolate and coffee flavors.

نمایش کامل نقد و بررسی


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