Seedlings of sheep – Day meatSeedlings of sheep - Day meat
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Seedlings of sheep – Day meatSeedlings of sheep - Day meat

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نقد و بررسی اجمالی

Honey is slow to digest and its remedy is honey and vinegar. It is recommended to cook the honey with cinnamon and celery. One of the interesting properties of honey that you may not have heard about is its effect in treating dry coughs and hoarseness. Consumption of mutton can also be useful for those who are severely sensitive to sound and smell.


Seedlings of sheep – Day meat

Dara mutton prepared from the best slaughtered sheep in Tehran is cleaned, which is checked for quality and health by a veterinarian in the collection and is sent to the customer in cellophane sanitary ware with a moisture-absorbing pad.

This product includes mutton leg muscle meat. Alfalfa is lower in fat than other parts of the head and is a good source of protein for the body and is useful for bone healing and bone strength and osteoporosis. Bone repair requires a lot of protein, vitamins and minerals. Sheep offal is abundant. But keep in mind that offal contains large amounts of saturated fatty acids and gelatin, and excessive use of it, especially in the elderly, can increase harmful substances such as urea and creatine in the body.

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