Grape juice Shir Reza 400 g – daymeatGrape juice Shir Reza 400 g - daymeat
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Grape juice Shir Reza 400 g – daymeatGrape juice Shir Reza 400 g - daymeat

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نقد و بررسی اجمالی

Sesame Products | Shirreza Trading Manufacturing Company
The production bases of this factory were established by Haj Hossein Dehghan with the experience of about half a century (in 1342 with the construction of a workshop and shop) and as a producer of sesame products along with other products such as Yazdi faloodeh and various herbal liqueurs and .. He succeeded in serving his dear compatriots and fellow citizens. After years of suffering and efforts, Shir Hossein Bozorg passed away in 1998, and his eldest son, Haj Mohammad Reza Dehghan, nicknamed Shirreza, took charge of the growth and development of this workshop unit. Shirreza Complex by launching a network of specialized production, distribution and sales; Increase the volume of production and diversity of its products and take steps to reduce the volume of imports to the country and self-sufficiency in this industry, identifying the needs of society, producing and supplying orders quickly in the country in the best way and finally achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction . The foundation of the success of this collection has been at the national level. Halva Shokri Shirreza Production Group with the aim of exporting Iranian products in foreign markets with continuous presence in international exhibitions in Russia, Germany, Georgia, UAE, Iraqi Kurdistan region, etc. has been able to sell its food products since 2011 Introduce and export to the mentioned countries, which is on par with the best in the world market. With firm determination and a great goal, we have asked for the land of Yazd and in order to globalize, we have stepped out of the desert and stepped towards different countries. It will not be long before the resonance of the presence of Iranian culture and knowledge will be heard everywhere in the world.


Grape juice Shir Reza 400 g – daymeat

Grape juice is full of properties that should not be neglected in autumn. Grape juice is high in sugar and is very nutritious, anti-flatulence and has a great effect on strengthening the body, it is also energizing and blood-forming.

In the sources of traditional Iranian medicine, grape juice is called Debs or Dushab. The nature of this food is hot and humid and most people can use it. Also, some people make syrup with syrup, which is a very good method and the nature of the syrup is hot.

Grape juice, like grapes, contains amounts of vitamins A, B and C, and its consumption meets the body’s needs for these vitamins.

One of the best times to use grape juice is during the cold seasons of the year, and because of its beneficial properties in treating and relieving winter illnesses, it is best to make room for it in your diet.

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