Ginseng and Ginger Dawn Tea Pack of 12 – daymeatGinseng and Ginger Dawn Tea Pack of 12 - daymeat
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Ginseng and Ginger Dawn Tea Pack of 12 – daymeatGinseng and Ginger Dawn Tea Pack of 12 - daymeat

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Brand: Daymeat Categories: , ,


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  • Type of packaging: T-bag

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نقد و بررسی اجمالی

Ginseng bag tea is a rich source of various antioxidants that can be used to treat inflammation, pimples, etc. This tea bag has soothing properties and reduces gastritis. Herbal teas are actually natural remedies that have been used in the past. Drinks are usually made from flowers, leaves, dried fruits and spices. Herbal teas can be substituted for sugary drinks. 12 teaspoons of ginseng tea with clear and pyramidal bags take 3 to 5 minutes to brew. This 12-digit package is placed in a package measuring 9.5 .5 11 × 11.5 cm.


Ginseng and Ginger Dawn Tea Pack of 12 – daymeat

Expert Review
The bag brew is a convenient and instant product that paints and brews quickly. Its ease of use and variety of samples have made it popular with many people. Not needing to use a strainer in brewing is also one of the reasons to pay attention to using a bag brew.

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Few people are not familiar with the name of Saharkhiz. This Iranian brand was established in 1311 and now, with nearly a century of activity, by presenting various products in various packages, it has established the principles of customer orientation in its products. Saharkhiz in 1392, using the largest and most advanced plant production complex in Iran called “Paniz Shahd Binalood” took another step towards its development. This company was selected as the country’s exemplary unit by the Food and Drug Administration in 1396. This honor was a small part of Saharkhiz awards and honors that he has won during five consecutive years. The sample unit of the Food and Drug Administration, the sample unit of the General Directorate of Standards of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization, has been a small part of the honors of this Iranian brand for several consecutive years.

نمایش کامل نقد و بررسی



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12 * 10 * 9 cm

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