Saharkhiz Mazafati dates 450 g – daymeatSaharkhiz Mazafati dates 450 g - daymeat
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Saharkhiz Mazafati dates 450 g – daymeatSaharkhiz Mazafati dates 450 g - daymeat

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نقد و بررسی اجمالی

Unique features of Mazafati dates
This date is mostly called Rutab and many people know it as Rutab.

Many dates have their own names, but in many parts of the country, Mazafati dates are just called the word rotab, which is interesting in its kind.


The color that people like for this date and many buyers also prefer to buy this date in black and even dark black on

Sales of this product are affected.

However, this date is also available in brown and dark brown, because this date is red in the first stage to reach itself and is interesting.

Know that it turns black as it grows.

The nature of dates is warm and most people who have a cold temperament who have problems can use this date as a medicine and

In addition to their properties for their body to use as a medicine for physical health

Many dates can be stored outdoors, but the storage conditions of these dates are unique and it is recommended that

Store these dates in the refrigerator for home consumption, and whenever you want to eat them, take them out of the refrigerator three hours earlier and then take them out.


Bam Mazafati dates have a certain amount of moisture that these two should be too much in the body and not that it does not exist in our fathers, but the presence of moisture in this

Dates have added a property to this date that one of the consumers may be sure of. This property is the same as changing the category in dates that moisture

It has made Mazafati dates in the category of food products, which is also significant in its kind.


Saharkhiz Mazafati dates 450 g – daymeat

Saharkhiz Multipurpose Dates

Mazafati dates can be considered as one of the most delicious and delicious types of dates in the world.

This date is originally stored in the form of rotb in cold houses and it is better to mention it as mutab.

Most people who consume this date usually tend to consume it again.

Most foreign customers also buy these dates for export.

The most ideal color for this type of date is black.

The optimum moisture content of this type of date varies between 14% to 36% depending on the harvest time and the cultivated area.

Most of the areas where this crop is grown are Bam city and surrounding villages, Jiroft, Narmashir, Barvat (Barwa).

The quality of Mazafati dates that are planted in Bam is not comparable to other places where it is planted.

This type of date, after harvesting and stacking in cartons suitable for consumption in large cold storages, most of which are created in Bam, at a temperature between -5 to 5

Stored at degrees Celsius.

The most common type of arrangement of these dates for domestic consumption and even export is in three-row boxes or so-called 3-row or 2-row flat cartons and in

Each mother carton has twelve boxes.

The most ideal weight for domestic use is weights between 8 kg and 10 kg.

In this weight, Mazafati dates have suitable quality and desirable juice, and on the contrary, for domestic consumption, weights between 6.5 and 7.5 are used for export.

It is mostly used due to its low juice and suitable storage conditions.

نمایش کامل نقد و بررسی


450 g

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